Please upload your songs as a single .zip or .rar file, with each song clearly labelled. Please ensure the songs are in MP3 format, and the highest quality possible. You may upload up to 4 songs, so make sure they’re your best! Make sure to include the following in a word document or pdf file as well:

1. Band/artist name
2. Song names
3. Album name, if applicable
4. Music genre, influences
5. Band location (City, State, Country)
6. Year recorded
7. Band members names
8. Song credits
9. A short blurb about the band
10. Band social media
11. Band websites
12. Email address and contact info
NOTE: Please use an email address that you check frequently
13. Anything else you would like to include
14. How did you hear about the podcast?​

Please also include a high quality image of either the band or the album cover inside the zip or rar file.

If you are selected, you will be contacted and asked to fill out and sign a music release form in order to allow us to use your recordings in the podcast. Thanks you.